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What’s in for PhD students?

This EURO-DOTS initiative is aimed at European PhD students.

PhD students in the micro/nano-electronics field will be offered a broad portfolio of intensive, high quality courses that fulfill the accreditation criteria, that are given by top experts and that provide full attention to issues of industrial applicability. The schedule of courses and all detailed information can be found under Courses and Calendar.

The students can select those courses that fit directly with their area of interest as a complement to courses that they can take at their home university.

The scheme of short, 1 week courses developed in EURO-DOTS is convenient not only for the students but also for the experts, both from academia, large research centers or industry, as it will secure their active participation to these programs on top of or besides their normal professional and teaching duties.

In order to encourage the participation of PhD students in the selected courses, a number of scholarships is made available to PhD students during this EURO-DOTS-2 running time. Since the start of the EURO-DOTS action in 2011, already 250 students have benefitted from such a EURO-DOTS scholarship.

For the present EURO-DOTS-2 project (running from January 2013 until the end of 2014) the total number of scholarships amounts to 170. Today (February 2014) already more than 100 of these scholarships have been approved and assigned. Application for the remaining EURO-DOTS-2 scholarships can continue throughout 2014. The eligibility criteria for these scholarships are outlined in the section ‘Rules for Application and attribution of Scholarships’.

July 2014 : Important message to the PhD students in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and to their Supervisors.

Dear student,

During the past almost 4 years of the EURO-DOTS projects EURO-DOTS-1 (2011-2012) and EURO-DOTS-2 (2013-2014) projects, many of you have become aware of (and familiar with) the comprehensive catalogue of advanced courses in the nano-electronic domain that have been developed for your benefit during these past 4 years by many academic and research institutes. Not less than 130 modules have been worked out, organized and offered dealing with 60 different Themes of high relevance and importance for our professional nano-electronic community. You have intensively made use of the opportunity that was offered within this project to apply for a scholarship that allowed you to participate to such course, mostly in another country and to earn ECTS credits that you could take ‘back home’ in compliance with the PhD regulations. By the end of the project 333 of you will have benefitted from this opportunity.  Almost without exception, you were very positive and enthusiastic about this initiative, about the organization, the simplicity of the application procedure, the quality of the courses and of the lecturers, the hospitality of the organizing provider, the evaluation process. Your feedback, comments and suggestions were always very welcome and useful and all of these have been posted on the EURO-DOTS website and can be consulted at any time. You can find an overview of the realizations of EURO-DOTS and all the organized courses and testimonials of the students on the EURO-DOTS website

But today, we are the victim of our own success. Half-way 2014 and still 6 months before the official end date of EURO-DOTS-2, we have unfortunately exhausted the full scholarship budget for 190 scholarships. At the start of 2014 we had already increased the number of scholarships by a budget shift, but this is not possible anymore and with the growing interest and awareness of the students resulting in a boost in the number of applications in the past months, we have unfortunately to close the ‘application counter’! We are now facing a ‘gap period’ in which there will no longer be financial support through scholarships. But don’t worry, all of you who have applied for a scholarship and have received a confirmation before, will of course receive the promised support. Moreover, since applications are sometimes withdrawn for various reasons, we still advise you to apply for a scholarship. You will be given a number as soon as your application is received and this number will be the order on the Reserve List. In case applicants withdraw their scholarship, the new available scholarship will be granted to the first one on the list (who will be personally informed about this) and so on, until the budget is fully exhausted.

And what is next?

Based on all the comments, suggestions and thanks received in the course of these 4 years, we are more than ever convinced of the necessity of an initiative such as EURO-DOTS. We are therefore committed with the present consortium - possibly also with new partners and players - to launch a new EURO-DOTS initiative in the very near future. There are opportunities to do so within next Horizon2020 calls and we will, based on the vast experience that was built up in these 4 years, submit a new proposal, essentially based on the same pillars as before, i.e. high quality, advanced PhD courses and low cost access for PhD students to these courses. We are also committed to keep the course catalogue active and this information will remain available on the EURO-DOTS website that will be maintained. Hopefully we will then be able to open the scholarship application counter (or whatever mechanism to allow low cost access for students) again in the course of 2015 and have a flawless ‘flying’ second start.

And you, students, supervisors and also colleagues from industry and academia, can significantly help in our endeavor to ensure the continuity of this EURO-DOTS initiative. Please send us your short message or letter of support, which we will collect and use when working out the next EURO-DOTS proposal. A strong support from all beneficiaries will undoubtedly strengthen our case! You can do this by sending your e-mail, including your name and affiliation and short but powerful message to :
At the end of this very busy but rewarding EURO-DOTS 1&2 phase, the consortium would like to thank all of you who have supported our actions and who have appreciated and eagerly made use of the worked-out opportunities. The course providers for their really outstanding courses and organization, all the 333 PhD students who have applied for and been granted a scholarship and the many more who unfortunately did not succeed in getting one or renounced at one moment during the application period, the EC, the project officer and our project reviewers for their continuous support and belief in the importance and necessity of this action, the supporting Academic and Scientific Committees for their excellent support and commitment, the colleagues from industry and academia who have helped in carrying out the gap analysis and defining the training needs and last but not least our own organizations for their continuous support.

On behalf of the EURO-DOTS consortium
Herman Maes

©EURO-DOTS 2011 - Disclaimer


Important message to the PhD students interested in a EURO-DOTS scholarship!!!

Unfortunately today, on January 15 2015, the EURO-DOTS project has come to an end and no more scholarships can be granted for the time being.

Status EURO-DOTS on 15 January 2015

The EURO-DOTS-2 project has come to an end on 31 December 2014. At this moment there is no prospect about a possible continuation of this initiative, in spite of the huge success of the project and the ambition of the consortium to continue on this path. The success of the past actions cannot be better reflected  than by the more than 220 testimonials (Testimonials) of students whom were granted a EURO-DOTS scholarship in the past 4 years. In these 4 years of EURO-DOTS, 132 course modules have been organized on 61 relevant topics/themes, by 20 course providers from 11 countries. More than 250 lecturers have been involved. More than 300 PhD students, from 19 European countries, have successfully applied for a scholarship. In 2014 40 Courses have been scheduled. The calendar and information on all past courses can be found on Courses. For more up-to-date information on the realizations and conclusions of EURO-DOTS, please go to “EURO-DOTS Conclusions” on Final Reports. The consortium is considering possible actions to keep the EURO-DOTS mission alive and hopefully see the start of a next phase of EURO-DOTS.

EURO-DOTS Testimonials by students

More than 170 testimonials by students can be found on Testimonials of students. We invite you to read through these messages and by these be convinced of the benefit to PhD students of an initiative and project like EURO-DOTS!

EURO-DOTS Testimonials by Course Providers

Five Course Providers share their enthusiasm on the EURO-DOTS initiative and explain why they decided to contribute and be part of the game. You can find their testimonial on Testimonial of Course Providers

EURO-DOTS flyer and poster

The latest version of the EURO-DOTS flyer and poster can be downloaded from the PR and Dissemination section.