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What is EURO-DOTS?

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 316513”.


EURO-DOTS (European Doctoral Training Support in Micro/Nano-electronics, 257051) is the EC Framework 7 Support Action project 257051, EURO-DOTS, that aims at improving the offering and the quality of training provided to European PhD students. It helps fulfilling the requirements for ECTS credits imposed to PhD students by major European universities for obtaining the Doctoral (PhD) degree in Engineering.

EURO-DOTS started on May 1, 2010. Thanks to the recent approval of the EURO-DOTS-2 proposal, submitted in Call 8, the continuity of this action is ensured at least already until the end 2014!

Objectives of EURO-DOTS

The global objective of EURO-DOTS is to create a delocalized (virtual) platform to serve the Doctoral Schools in Europe in micro/nano-electronics.

A coherent set of advanced courses in micro/nano-electronics, explicitly accredited by major European universities in the framework of their Doctoral Program, will be made easily accessible to European PhD students, offering the opportunity to collect ECTS credits throughout Europe.

The courses will respect specific organization criteria (short, intensive one-week course modules with optional exam) that will make them very flexible, accessible and attractive towards PhD students as well as for high-level continuous education of engineers from industry.

Scholarships will be made available to PhD students fulfilling the selection criteria, for boosting the start-up of the project, while other sources of scholarships and/or industrial support will be explored for the long-term continuation of the project.

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Important message to the PhD students interested in a EURO-DOTS scholarship!!!

Unfortunately today, on January 15 2015, the EURO-DOTS project has come to an end and no more scholarships can be granted for the time being.

Status EURO-DOTS on 15 January 2015

The EURO-DOTS-2 project has come to an end on 31 December 2014. At this moment there is no prospect about a possible continuation of this initiative, in spite of the huge success of the project and the ambition of the consortium to continue on this path. The success of the past actions cannot be better reflected  than by the more than 220 testimonials (Testimonials) of students whom were granted a EURO-DOTS scholarship in the past 4 years. In these 4 years of EURO-DOTS, 132 course modules have been organized on 61 relevant topics/themes, by 20 course providers from 11 countries. More than 250 lecturers have been involved. More than 300 PhD students, from 19 European countries, have successfully applied for a scholarship. In 2014 40 Courses have been scheduled. The calendar and information on all past courses can be found on Courses. For more up-to-date information on the realizations and conclusions of EURO-DOTS, please go to “EURO-DOTS Conclusions” on Final Reports. The consortium is considering possible actions to keep the EURO-DOTS mission alive and hopefully see the start of a next phase of EURO-DOTS.

EURO-DOTS Testimonials by students

More than 170 testimonials by students can be found on Testimonials of students. We invite you to read through these messages and by these be convinced of the benefit to PhD students of an initiative and project like EURO-DOTS!

EURO-DOTS Testimonials by Course Providers

Five Course Providers share their enthusiasm on the EURO-DOTS initiative and explain why they decided to contribute and be part of the game. You can find their testimonial on Testimonial of Course Providers

EURO-DOTS flyer and poster

The latest version of the EURO-DOTS flyer and poster can be downloaded from the PR and Dissemination section.